Thursday, October 9, 2008

Latest Update

This is my last chance to use the computer before I head off tomorrow to finish off the final two legs of my trip.
I have been trying all afternoon to send and load photos but unfortunately the computer is not co- operating! Partly the p.c and partly me I think, only a week or so away from the computer and I've forgotten what to do !
I have collected a great selection of photos and videos which I am looking forward to sharing with you all.
The forecast is improving & tomorrow I will be completing the stretch of coastline between Henderson Bay and East Beach 25km this is the part I couldn't complete last friday when I was battling against the head winds and between myself, Lynnis, Michael we decided to change tack and work with the wind by heading up to Tapotupoto and completing the 94km stretch from Cape Reinga to Henderson Bay.
Then on Saturday I will be heading to Tutukaka/Mimiwhangata to complete the 30km of coastline which will complete the trip, the final distance will be 366km a bit further than my original estimate. On Sunday I head to Auckland and Monday back to Tauranga.
I would dearly love to have more exciting details for you, but I need to get some sleep.
Looking forward to writing a more detailed trip report when I arrive back in Tauranga and to set up a slideshow etc.

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