Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Break thru ! Support from Northland kayakers

Thanks to Lynnis Burson & Michael Winch for offering to be ground support, you two are fantastic, local knowledge goe's a long way.
Lynnis & friends will be waiting for me at Urapukapuka Island aboard Freelance, with an offer of a hot shower & a good meal.
Back Country Cuisine has kindly offered excellent rate for their meal packs, so an order has been dispatched, I'm especially looking forward to the Roast lamb & Apricot crumble.
Steve Knowles has spent a lot of time supporting me with weather and safety equipment advice, thanks to the team at Canoeandkayak B.O.P www.canoeandkayak.co.nz.
Thanks to Colin Alexander from Solo Wings for his generosity in loaning me an epirb, and Sid Salek for organising it.

Thanks to Rex Barlow for his support and workmanship in strengthening my kayak, many hours spent glassing away in the garage.

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