Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kayak4Cancer Team has been an inspiration to me

My most sincere thanks to the team -
Thanks for being inspiring, encouraging and supportive. You are all awesome!
Ruth & Ian Henderson, Chris Dench, Stephen Law, Guy Folster, Greg Dunning, Charlie Barker, Neil Watson, Dave Evans, Phil Oster, Gordon Daglish and everyone else who was involved.
One email to Sue Levett asking for advice on the Kayak4cancer team lead Sue to forward my enquiry onto Stephen Law, who was more than willing to help with any questions I had, it all seemed quite daunting and I didn't know where to start or what to ask ?
Then more help came from Ruth E.Henderson, heading South from the big smoke (Auckland)to visit family in the bay, she popped into the Canoe and Kayak shop for a cuppa and a chat, I talked about how experiencing and the International kayaking week, had inspired me. Meeting so many great people with the common interest & passion for sea kayaking and the great outdoors.
She had a special parcel to pass on from Stephen Law, a big bag full of all the files, information,maps, everything that the team and everyone else who had been involved in planning had poured their time and passion into. The expression of generosity & willingness to encourage others to fufill challenges and goals was impressive and somewhat overwhelming.
I took the parcel home and slowly but surely over the cold, wet days of winter, I read and studied the paper trail that told there story.Now in a couple of weeks I will be starting a journey/challenge to complete a solo paddle from Tutukaka to Cape Reinga, which will test my vital skills,self reliance,confidence and determination.
Now another step to take , to choose a charity to support along the way?

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