Monday, September 22, 2008

Trip update

Mum has arrived safely in Auckland and she is now doing her training with J.K.A and fellow Canoe and Kayak instructors. And then she will be driving up to Tutakaka to start her trip.

Day 1 Thursday 25th September

Mum just called me this morning and she said that she is going to start her paddle today. She is starting at Mimiwhangata just a few kilometres north of Tutakaka. Then she is going to be camping at Bland Bay or possibly Whangamumu.If she feels she wants to go further. Mum is now safe at Whangamumu and her plans are to paddle around cape brett and to Urupukapuka and maybe camping at Cape Wikiwiki . She wants to cover as much ground as possible before a high on Sunday.

Day 2 Friday 26th September

Mum has arrived safely at Mataka station going further than she planned. Off the top of her head she said she covered about 51kms today. She is very tired and is setting up camp before it gets dark.
Her GPS says in total she has covered 81.5km in the last two days. The reason she didnt leave from Tutakaka was because the weather was not good but she said she will make it up.

Day 3 Saturday 27th September

Mum today is going to paddle from Mataka station to Matauri bay where she is going to be camping tonight. And she says that back country cuisine rocky road icecream was really yummy.

Day 4 Sunday 28th September

Mum is now at Matauri Bay and her plans are to paddle to Taupo bay today. Last night she had dinner with Lynnis and she got to stay in a caravan for the night. Yesterday when she landed she said she got very annoyed because her wine bottle got stuck in the bow of her kayak and she could'nt get it out!

Day 5 Monday 29th September

Today mum is just going to have a rest day because she does not think that the weather is very good for today. But she should be paddling again tommorow morning.

Day 6 Tuesday 30th September

Mum is today paddling from Taupo Bay around to Hihi today. And she managed to get the wine bottle out of the bow of her kayak. She said yesterday she covered about 124kms.

Day 7 1st October

Mum has paddled from Hihi to Matai bay. Today has been a challenging paddle and it took her 2 hours to cover 7 kms because of the strong wind. If it is like this tomorrow she is going to have a rest day but if it is all good she will be paddling to Houhora.

Day 8 2nd October

Today mum is having a rest day. But she is going to have a drive up the coast to check out the coastline and the conditions.

Day 9 3rd October

Today mum is leaving from Matai Bay and has a big crossing over to Houhora. Then if the conditions are ok she will keep going up the coast and will be camping at Rarawa Beach the night. But it depends on the conditions and the wind.

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Sea/She Kayaker said...

I met up with Robbie on Friday, as she was making her way into the Bay of Islands and paddled with her to her rest stop at Cable Bay / Urupuk Island. We had lunch and coffee and ginger nuts as afters - which I had all brought out with me as a treat - and had a good chat. What an awesome lady.
When it was time to get paddling again, I joined Robbie via her route through Moturua and Motukiekie and onwards to the Ninepin. It was a real pleasure spending some time with such a great paddler and what an inspiration. As I turned to head back towards Russell, I saw Robbie disappear into the distance on her way to Cape Wikiwiki. Good luck with it all, and hope to see you further north. Good luck and keep the camera rolling. Nadia