Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update From Robbie

Hi Everyone, well what an adventure so far! The weather gods have been shining down on me, with minimal swell. Although there has been a couple of tough days, paddling from Mataka Station ( Black Rocks ) to Matauri Bay was a toughie! Straight into a 20 knot headwind funnelling down through the Cavalli Passage.
A supposedly short paddle of 15kms took me 4 hours ! Thats an averge speed of just over 3kms per hour impressive a!
I enjoyed a rondevou with Nadia (Call sign - Stormgirl) she paddled out from Russell to meet me at Urapukapuka Island for lunch, & kindly shared ham sammies, gingernuts and coffee, I'm hoping we will meet up again further up the coast.
Day 4. Matauri Bay to Taupo Bay Sun 28th Sept
Micheal Winch paddled out to meet me south of Tauranga and we had lunch in Whangaiha Bay, he bought a weather update, I was quietly hoping the weather would justify a lay day as I'm ready for a rest. I sent a text to Murray Voyce to let him know I would be arriving at Hihi within the next two days and that I would be camping at Taupo Bay .
He invited me over for a cooked dinner and a spa well how could I refuse! So I was promptly picked up, my kayak safely stowed away in Jans shed and off we headed for Hihi via car.
I was transported to another world - a substantial home perched upon a hill top with panoramic views across Doubtless Bay to Cape KariKari , Murray and Jans friendliness was astounding, they cooked a dinner with fresh veges, wine and a hot soak in the spa, I was put up for the night on the second level with a birds eye view across the Bay and woke in the morning to a glorious sunrise, then back to Taupo Bay to clean up kayak gear, and a rest day was granted, Jan & Murray introduced me to a fellow neighbour Brian Carter, who just happens to be a writer & photographer for the Northland Age newspaper, and we instantly clicked as he had an adventerous streak & understood my passion for challenge, so apparently a story will be published in the thursdays edition along with some humerous photos of me reading the local paper while leaning against my kayak on Taupo beach 7am in the morning.
The paddle between Taupo and HiHi was fine until I rounded Berghan Point then I was paddlling into the head wind again! What a relief to finally land and be driven up the long and winding hill by 4wd by trusty driver Murray, after a rest & recovery it was off to Mangonui for famous fish & chips and a well earnt beer , it will be hard to say goodbye to Murray & Jan in the morning.
Wenesday 1st Oct Day 7 - Hihi to Cape Karikari via Tokerau Beach 39Kms
It's going to be a big day so time to have my last chance for a hot soak in the spa and get a good nights sleep, from tomorrow onwards it will be back to camping and Dehy food.
Distance covered so far - 148.5 kms + tomorrows 39kms = 187.5 kms
Will be meeting up with Lynnis at Tokerau Beach, a long paddle across Doubtless Bay .

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